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We have come to it, the final day of INKtober, which means today is your last chance to get some free original ink artworks.
The artworks are by myself and Marker-Guru, we have each done 31 images which means you have 62 choices to pick from when you win the raffle.

Each artwork is 6"x6" on bristol using various inking pens and inks. and will be shipped to you for free if you win the raffle (no shipping charged)

All you have to do is go to the inktober post on my website ( which is right here:… ) and say something, anything, in the comments, even if it's just wishing everyone a scary halloween!

Hurry up though because today is the last chance you have!

Here are just a few samples of the images you'll be able to choose from, go to the article to see the entire collection

Inktober day 14 by jeriweaverInktober Water Pheonix by Marker-GuruInktober Midna by Marker-GuruInktober Day 26 by jeriweaverInktober day 10 by jeriweaverinktober1 by Marker-Guru
Inktober day 5 by jeriweaverInktober7-ceratasaurus by Marker-GuruInktober Day 28 by jeriweaverInktober Day 23 by jeriweaverInktober Day 15 by jeriweaverInktober 4 -viddies by Marker-GuruInktober - Laika by Marker-GuruInktober 90s Bala by Marker-GuruInktober Kikwi by Marker-GuruInktober Day 29 by jeriweaverInktober8-impa by Marker-GuruInktober Day 30 by jeriweaver
I'm going to be doing an ink drawing a day during October for INKtober and I'm going to be giving away the drawings by raffle. If you are interested in getting some free arts from the Gurukitty Studios crew, head over to our website for more info.  Two of us will be drawing so there is going to be 62 drawings to choose from. 

And by free we do mean 100% free, we aren't going to be charging shipping or anything.

Go here for more info and to enter the first weeks raffle:…
Hi, I've been cleaning out my gallery and tidying this place up to try and use it again.
I really want somewhere to post my art and see other art...
Alot has happened lately and I need a fresh start and a new beginning.

So for started I want to say that we (Gurukitty Studios) am running an indiegogo campaign to fund our 3rd GK Anthology, Gateways to Beyond.
If you could share it and spread it around to help get the word out, that would be very helpful.

thanks a bunch.


Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 9:44 PM

Lots of things have been happening...

One of my close family (favorite aunt) died of cancer.... slowly, yet suddenly. I was not prepared...

I'm working on several comic projects, which is why the hiatus on Daqueran, when i have these done, Daqueran will continue (I have been sketching pages between other work).

Mostly the work is for a couple of Anthologies, Our once upon a time anthology as well as an anthology for inkdwell and some Canadian Superhero stuff for cloudscape comics that I think is going to be a web anthology.... cant remember... too many things.

I'll be updating my website with updates on all those kinds of things. I don't have time to update 50 websites. Facebook and is where you can see new stuff.

I cant check DA often anymore, I just have been getting busier and busier.

So, please don't get annoyed if I don't reply or take forever to reply.

I leave you with this picture, and the message attached.
The Gourd Wife by jeriweaver

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2012, 8:59 AM

hee oops, I guess I should pay more attention to my DA account.

Truth is I've been so busy preparing for Fanexpo (which is now done) and Calgary Expo (which I leave for tomorrow) that I haven't even had a chance to come by and say there will be a delay in posting Daqueran for a little bit.
And now I see I got a DD like 22 days ago and didnt notice.

Okay well a wee update before I head to the Studio to finish preparing for Calgary Expo.

Daqueran is on wee Hiatus until after I get back and a Couple other mini works are done.

I have 3 Anthology submissions to work on before i can get back into Daqueran to finish it off.

Fanexpo was amazing and anyone in Vancouver will know, it's about freakin' time! It was crazy! I hope I got to meet some of you.

Calgary Expo we are going to have a booth in the small press/indy area. S06 I think is our booth number, so stop by and say hi if you have the time.

Thank you everyone who commented on my Christmas 2011 Daily Deviation I got, after all the convention craziness is over (or perhaps if I have a quiet hotel room moment) I'll try and reply to everyone and thank you all properly.

coincidentally, I will be selling 13x19 limited edition, pigment ink,  signed prints of this and other works at CALGARY EXPO. I had the prints made before i realized this was a DD.

Christmas 2011 by jeriweaver

Hope I see you at Calgary!
Thanks everyone for your support, and especially thank you elicoronel16 and dust-bite for the unexpected DD.

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R.I.P. Pnut

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2012, 7:36 PM

My moms sweet little, less than a year old, cuddly as hell adorable kitten got blown off her 13 story balcony today and died.
The Building manager apparently found her on the ground outside dead today.

It seems so ridiculous that a kitten could get blown off a balcony and die.
So much bad happening at once, it feels like there should be an end somewhere because there is only so much a family can take.
(Aunts bone cancer has moved to her liver too btw)

I cant help picturing how scared she must have been falling so far.

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New Logo & Open for commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 10:51 PM

We have a cute new logo, it'll be popping up on twitters, websites and journal headers soon.

We need some con table money fast (as in ... this week)!
if you've had a look at the side bar on our website lately you'll see we've got quite a lineup  for 2012. It's good, we want to get Ghost Tales and Daqueran out there and earn back some of our Gurukitty Money that we spent publishing Ghost Tales but it's spreading us a bit thin financially.

So, I need to open limited commissions to get some paypal money (If you don't want a commission but want to help out, we accept paypal Donations to )

I'm going to keep these commissions simple but with bonus!
Also people, I can draw other things other than comic characters, if you want flowers or something, I can do that too.

Inked Sketchcard (2.5x3.5) on bristol
no revisions - portrait/bust - one character
5$ + shipping
add 5$ each additional characters

Inked Bust on 12x12 bristol
no revisions - portrait/bust (waist up) - One character
$20 + shipping
add 10$ each additional characters

Inked Full Body on 12x12 bristol
no revisions - one character - full body
$30 + shipping
add 10$ each additional characters

Watercolour bust on Watercolour paper (9x12)
1 revision at sketch stage - portrait/bust - One character
$45 + Shipping
add 10$ each additional characters

Watercolour full body on Watercolour paper (9x12)
$55 + shipping
add 10$ each additional characters

:star:BONUS: All commissions will come with a free 1" button of the commission (How cute!)

Payment methods: Paypal

:star::star::pointr: Use this form to commission me.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 24, 2012, 2:20 PM

So, I have an actual studio now, where i can do all my art! So I spend a couple hours there each day after work and every friday. I'm a little screwed this week because i have people in the house all week fixing the bathroom, but most weeks I spend many hours there.

So Im hoping i can motor through the rest of Daqueran, get my Once Upon a Time submission done and get The Bachelors and the Python going (which is now called the Gourd wife)

I'll be getting to comiclist soon to add up the last couple months of submissions.

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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 10, 2011, 7:52 AM

I dont think things can get any crazier.
I have to take another daqueran break to get Christmas shopping done on my weekends. Theres also work xmas parties and staffmeetings that take up all my draw time. But I want to make a Chrismtas art so thats what Im going to do today bettween Dishes and housework and wrapping presents.

Have awesome holiday everyone!

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I'm Back

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 17, 2011, 11:06 AM

In case anyone noticed I haven't been doing anything for a month or so.
I just posted a Daqueran update.

Ghost Tales is all done (more or less) we are just waiting for our large shipment of books to mail out for the preorders and comp copies.
We have a bit of background work to do on it still but it's done. If you watched our blog you would have seen some photos of the finished book.

The indiegogo perk mail outs will be happening soon and we are just getting ready to gather the commission info from people who donated to get commissions.
The campaign didn't get us anywhere NEAR what we needed to go to Calgary Expo, but we bought a booth anyway... we will just have to...
make it work somehow.
So, we will be at Calgary Expo for sure!

If you ever want to know what cons we are going to be at, we have a widget on our website no with all locations and stuff.

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 13, 2011, 1:03 PM

Yes, I haven't been here much, I've been so busy with comics and anthologies and meetings and then m y day job.

So here are some updates on the various projects you may be following:

I put a wee notice on the Daqueran Tagboad saying that Daqueran is on Hiatus until I have the ghost tales anthology rolling and my own comic for the anthology is complete.  Daqueran has less than 10 pages left, so yeah I will totally get it done as soon as I can! It will be very satisfying to get it done!

:bulletred:Ghost Tales:
We have been getting submissions almost daily for this anthology and we expect a bit of a pile to come in on the 15th at say around midnight, HAHA. We will try and have all the candidates chosen and announced by August 20th and that announcement will be made on Second and First, through the mailing list we set up for GT news and releases.
We hope to have the entire book ready for a Halloween release of online sales, so we are granting some minor extensions (like a DAY or two), for individuals.

:bulletred:Bad Kitties:
The second issue of Bad Kitties was released, and they will continue to be released at random intervals, you can watch the gurukitty Website or blog for updates on them.

In case you haven't been there in a while, the Gurukitty Website was completely overhauled, go have a look if you haven't already.

Oh, also our Calgary Expo fundraising thingy is still going. We have some fantastic perks for donation levels including pre-order of Ghost Tales and Hello Albertosaurus. You can donate any amount you like, even 1$ if thats all you got. If you have nothing, sharing it on your social media sites like twitter and tumblr help increase our GOGO factor and keep our campaign visual.

Only 43 days left!

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Help us get to Calgary Expo 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 8:19 PM

Hi! We've started an IndieGOGO campaign to help us raise money to go to Calgary Expo next year!
We have lots of perks for contributors so have a look:…
Please help us spread the word! SHARE SHARE SHARE!

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New banner

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 8:31 PM

Check it out! Our new table banner for our convention table! Neet!

Still accepting submissions for this...

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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2011, 8:18 PM

:bulletred:Original Article:bulletred:
:bulletgreen:See the full article for links:bulletgreen:

"The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund is available to assist any Canadian comic book retailer, distributor, publisher or creator who find themselves victims of Canada’s unique obscenity laws.

The CLLDF was formed in 1987 by Derek McCulloch and Paul Stockton to raise money for the defense of Comic Legends, a Calgary, Alberta comic shop whose owners were charged with selling obscene materials. The CLLDF paid the cost of Comic Legends’ initial court case, which ended with their conviction and a fine of $5500. Subsequently, the CLLDF paid for an appeal, which did not overturn the conviction, but did result in a reduction of the fine to $3000.

Since then, the Fund has been maintained to provide financial succor for those fighting the suppression of comic book material. Most recently, the Fund has made several donations to the Little Sisters’ lawsuit against Canada Customs, and paid the expenses of expert witnesses brought in to testify on behalf of Marc Laliberte, a fanzine publisher in Windsor. Laliberte was acquitted on all charges.

In order to raise money for the fight, the CLLDF has produced two TRUE NORTH comic book anthologies, containing stories by many of the top Canadian and international comic book creators. They have also produced a Cerebus poster by Dave Sim and Gerhard, reproducing the cover of the first TRUE NORTH.

For more information on the CLLDF, please contact the Administrators at the addresses below.

In Eastern Canada: Paul Stockton, 183 Woodycrest Ave., Toronto, Ont, M4J 3C2

In Western Canada: Leonard S Wong, P.O. Box 48873, Bentall Station, Vancouver, B.C., V7X 1A8 (604) 322-6412 (phone/fax)

The American fund is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They have a much heavier caseload than we do, and are also deserving of your support. To visit their web page, hit here.

To see a partial list of comics banned or seized by Canada Customs, hit here.

Find out a whole lot more about censorship in Canada by visiting the Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada site."

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Spring has sprung!

Journal Entry: Sun May 29, 2011, 3:13 PM

Spring is here :eager:

The only down side to that is Summer is on it's way and I dislike summer. Dislikes not quite a strong enough word.. the word is hate.

Spring is nice because it's mild and bright with cool breezes and neat downpours of rain.

I chopped my hair all off, thinking it would alleviate some of the constant headaches I get due to allergies and stress. Now my hair looks weird and creepy.

Thats the other downside to spring and Summer is the allergies, and they are SO BAD this year.

My Daqueran pages are kind of on a 2 week schedule at the moment, not intentionally, lifes been just to weird and drawing has been so difficult. I;m trying very hard to get back on track, especially since I am so close to the end and I cant start work on "The Bachelors and the Python"!

Also, I'm trying to get to do some little on the side projects (like I need more work) to help reignight my comic passions..

OOH OOH! Opus (the artstore I work at) FINALLY got comic board, Manga board and Layout paper in stock! How long did I beg for that?!
The layout paper is something I never used, but I bought a pad of it and now I'm addicted! It's so convenient, and I'm all about the convenience.  

So, now I don't have to make stupid trips way out of my way to buy from Desserres to get my board. I almost resorted to bluelining my own board but GEEEZ, I have a hard enough time fitting drawing into my ay, and bluelining is time consuming and tedious.

Anyway, enough blather, I have a comic page to scann and letter!

OH and BTW all FCBD orders have been shipped!

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Free Comic Book Day: free comics from me to you

Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 12:26 AM

today is free comic book day! Im going to be making some rounds in Surrey and white Rock today, traveling ever farther from my home base in search of awesome comic shops.
Also, we will be giving away free comics again this year.
to collect your free comic, simply visit and fill out the form.

Hope everyone has an awesome FCBD!

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I am a Virus!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 3:15 PM

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: VIRAL ARTIST PROJECT :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:

:star: Help us celebrate our SmackJeeves artist of the month! Participation automatically makes you eligible to be featured in the Smackjeeves club journal! The purpose of this feature in not only to celebrate and promote comic artists, but to use a grass-roots movement to spread the love!

:star: You can ALSO nominate someone to be spotlighted by Noting the SmackJeeves Group with your suggestion.

:star: We INVITE you to:

:bulletred: SHARE your Fanworks for stellacadente's works. Comment with a link or add it to our fanart gallery and automatically earn a chance to be spotlighted in SmackJeeves dA blog!

:bulletred: Take the RAW transcript of this feature and POST it in your own journal! Link us to your journal feature @ our dA home page and also earn a chance to be spotlighted in the SmackJeeves dA blog!

:icondownarrowplz: Download RAW Transcript: Text-Only (Non dA Subscribers)

:icondownarrowplz: Download RAW Transcript: Image-Heavy (dA Subscribers ONLY!)

:star: MEET jadeiteEye!

:iconspotlightplz: :iconjadeiteeye:

Creator of:

About Beyond Temptation: An accidental meeting turns Reimee's life up and down.

She finds herself in the middle of an affair regarding enslaved demons, magical artifacts, and many temptations of the modern world. Will she get tempted? Or will she be the one to tempt? And finally, will she find what she's looking for in the Eternal City of Rome?

Inspired by eastern folklore, religion, Grimm tales, and life itself! Set in modern Rome, it's a paranormal action-romance in which the border between good and evil is very thin. (Plus, guys don't sparkle and girls can kick your butt!)

:star: Exclusive Interview with :iconjadeiteeye:

Blurb about jadeiteEye: "I'm a Polish university student currently living in Rome, Italy. I like to draw and to sing or perform short comic scenes. I drink lots of coffee and spend hours in front of my laptop. Diagnosis: computer addict. "

:bulletred: How did you get into comicking? What do you enjoy about it?

STELLACADENTE113:  First of all, let me say that I'm really flattered that you chose me for this interview. So, thank you! Now let's go with the questions.

I got into comicking by chance. I found one comic on DA, I enjoyed it, I saw it was getting lots of feedback and thought: Hey! I want that too! I got some good stories on my mind so I suppose I could make it!

What I enjoy the most about running a webcomic is getting comments ^^ It's a great sensation to create something and see people respond to it, share some thoughts, etc. That's what drew me into comicking in the first place.

I hate it to feel lonely and ignored but that's what often happens to me. I just felt the need to socialize but IRL people want to hear about you not some stories you made up. The virtual audience wants to hear stories and that's the best thing ever. I can speak out without being considered boring or wicked.

:bulletred:  Tell us a little about your comic. How did you conceive the story/characters?

STELLACADENTE113: There's a 2 year gap between the moment Beyond Temptation was conceived and the moment I actually started writing it down. The story of it is probably gonna make you think I'm mental but I'll risk it! ^^

Beyond Temptation was born in pain. It was a thought that appeared to me as a reaction to a series of traumatizing events, and as time passed, it evolved into something reasonably coherent to be written down.

I had it stored deep in my mind waiting for another trauma to bring it to the surface. And there came a day when something broke me, and I just had to grip onto something and then I remembered this story. It became my cure. It gave me a reason to go on. The characters just came to my mind naturally. Their personalities and looks evolved with time. It's as if they were children who just grew up.

:bulletred:  Do you feel like any one of your characters in particular is like you?

STELLACADENTE113: Rei, probably cause she's a girl, and she's more or less my age and wears some of my clothes (or clothes I'd like to wear if I could). But there are also many differences between us. She's not me. The relationship between me and my characters is more like the one between a mother and her children. All of them have a piece of her, but none actually is her.

:bulletred:  What are your choice tools to create your current comic?

STELLACADENTE113: Photoshop, Photoshop, and once again Photoshop! I just do some veeery very rough drafts on paper that help me decide about the layout. The rest is done digitally. Oh! I forgot! I usually use photos for backgrounds. I take them with my mobile. In this place I'd also like to mention not a tool but an important person, that is Meagan, my English checker, thanks to whom this comic is actually readable.

:bulletred:  Is there anything that frustrates you when it comes to creating? Do you get blocked from time to time?

STELLACADENTE113: Sure, I do get blocked. Well, honestly, I got totally blocked for months just once. It was this fall. I was about to write down chapter 8 (after one month in which I completed the entire chapter 7), and though I had it in my mind I just couldn't just find the right words to put it on paper. But in the end I made it! Then I wrote the whole chapter 9 in two days. I don't know what it depends on. Perhaps the season of the year or something O.o

:bulletred:  What do you do to get in the mood to draw/create/write?

STELLACADENTE113: The mood... the mood... it just comes! It's like when something happens and you feel happy or sad. It's the same thing. You see or hear something and feel like a bolt and you can't wait to get to your laptop and write or draw what you got on your mind.

:bulletred:  What would you say to encourage artists just starting out with webcomics?

STELLACADENTE113: Just do it, people! It's easier than you think. All you gotta have is some creativity and some time and a bit of patience too. And a PC of course. Once you do it, you'll see it's lots of fun, it can be a way to express yourself, to show your talent and even find new friends. If I were to compare it to something I'd say it's like being famous! And don't you tell me you wouldn't like to be famous!

:star: Gallery of Works by :iconjadeiteeye:

BT:Reimee - redux by jadeiteEye BT:Dirty Dancing by jadeiteEye BT: Under the moonlight by jadeiteEye Lady with a Gun by jadeiteEye Fireworks by jadeiteEye BT:Prayer by jadeiteEye BT:Pieta Inverso by jadeiteEye Won't you be my bodyguard? by jadeiteEye BT:Farewell by jadeiteEye Escape me by jadeiteEye

:star: You can also head on over to the SmackJeeves featured gallery (can be see from the main Smackjeeves dA page) to view some of jadeiteEye's works on display!

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2011, 7:40 PM

Wow, I've neglected this place.
Will try to check here more often...


hope things are good....

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 4, 2011, 2:28 PM

:iconyeehawplz:  I'm on vacation! Yes thats right, I took some time off my day job at the art store to get some much needed Gurukitty Studios work done.  I need some Daqueran pages done up, print file of Daqueran 5 needs to finally get done, I have a con to get ready for on March 20th (I think)... among other things!

It's so nice not to have to go to work for a while and no travelling or visiting either. Just me and my pencils, paints and computer.

I know Im not going to get nearly as much as I want done actually acomplished, but dangit Im going to try! :eager:

Well lets feature some stuff to start this vacation =D

don't be a square by aluminiumdonut Black Magic Woman by NicolasRGiacondino Parker Ridge by artistwilder After Storm by sorinapostolescu Hunter Becomes the Hunted by Elandain Hunter Becomes the Hunted by Elandain Therizinosaurus by IsisMasshiro Deanna Troi by DennisBudd 2008 Left Overs - 04 by davidkawena :thumb158471346: I swear I saw a dragon... by Pendalune ariel by einlee JS by ratonviejo  Aeslinn by Lelenia

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